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High production costs are often the reason many exhibits do not have the benefit of audiovisual enhancements. Natural Concepts has established a network of extremely talented producers, videographers, photographers, ambient audio specialists, audio recorders, grips, gaffers, writers, and production managers that opens up the world of AV to the museum and nature center industry.

Natural Concepts offers a variety of production services that range from a ambient soundtracks to full multimedia experiences. We work primarily with on-site filming in digital video, and with client supplied and stock images and video.

Diorama enhancements, ambient audio, interactive multimedia, exhibit productions and educational videos are all projects Natural Concepts offers its clients.

Louisville Visitor Center

Louisville CVB Visitor Center
Louisville, KY
Exhibit budget: $60,000

Eight screen video wall with electronic signage software for video wall management and remote changeability via the Internet. Natural Concepts worked with client provided footage to resize video to new format and produce the 15 minute loop production.

Louisville Visitor Center

Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Louisville, KY
Exhibit budget: $14,000

Seven loop videos were edited for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail exhibit in the Louisville Visitor Center. Images and footage were carefully selected for theme content and visibility on the 4" screens.

River Heritage Museum

River Heritage Museum
Paducah, KY
Exhibit budget: $25,000

Embedded within the cut-away view of a dredging operation on the Ohio River are four, lollipop video monitors with custom videos about the river, aquatic wildlife, and river geology.

Forest Discovery Center

Forest Discovery Center
Starlight, IN
Exhibit budget: $40,000

Custom designed and programmed interactive computer trivia game, "Tree Stumpers." Natural Concepts filmed and photographed images, composed script, designed the screens, and managed the programming and installation.

Ernie Pyle

Ernie Pyle Historic Site
Dana, IN
Exhibit budget: $40,000

Produced the ambient audio and three audiovisual pieces for this WWII State Historic Site. Visitors experience being strafed by airplane machine guns via controlled surround sound, and a mini theater offers a projection scrim in front of a history diorama.

Some of our commercially available products include:

Through the Bridge: The Covered Bridges of Parke County, Indiana (DVD & Blu-ray)

Clarksville's Colgate: Prison to Present (DVD)

Charlestown Powder Plant: 1940-1992 video (DVD)

Steam Calliope Music (music CD)

Rose Island: on a Summer Day (DVD)